Spektrum 4.3 inch Video Monitor with Headset SPMVM430C


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Spektrum 4.3 inch Video Monitor with Headset SPMVM430C

More information about Spektrum 4.3 inch Video Monitor with Headset SPMVM430C

This is a Spektrum 4.3-inch video monitor and FPV headset conversion combo. The SPMVM430C headset is a cost-effective FPV headset and monitor combo that is perfect for aspiring FPV pilots and experts alike. THE SPMVM430C utilizes 5.8GHz frequency and a built-in receiver to display real-time FPV video from a FPV camera mounted on your aircraft or vehicle. You can view the monitor through the headset, or detach and carry it as a standalone monitor. The SPMVM430C is even capable of working while charging, so you'll never miss out on the fun because of a low battery. The headset is lightweight (380g w/ monitor) and comes with a USB to micro USB adapter to let you charge using any powered USB port. The display provides an incredible picture in any lighting, and features high brightness levels as well as adjustability to get the best picture in any condition. The headset also includes an adjustable head strap for a comfortable fit on any head!


  • Headset/monitor combo allows user to wear headset or remove monitor
  • Includes USB adapter for charging integrated 2000mAh battery
  • Integrated design includes headset, monitor, antenna, battery and video receiver
  • Adjustable head-strap allows for optimal comfort
  • Works with most 5.8GHz FPV cameras
  • Built-in 5.8GHz receiver
  • Extremely affordable when compared to traditional FPV headsets

1x Headset
1x Receiver Monitor
1x User Manual
2x Magnification Lens
1x Sun Shield
1x RHCP Omni directional antenna
1x Audio/Video Cable