Walnut Ridge Mousetrap Vehicle WNR731048

Walnut Ridge

Item # WNR731048
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Walnut Ridge Mousetrap Vehicle WNR731048

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This is the Walnut Ridge Mousetrap Vehicle, for ages 6 and older.

  • It's not a model-it's a design and build car that you create!
  • There's no right or wrong way to build your vehicle!
  • Design your vehicle with the intention of making it go as many feet as possible when the trap springs
  • Have a competition for the most unique design, car that goes the farthest, and more!
  • A great individual or small group activity
  • The purpose is to build a vehicle that's powered by the enclosed mousetrap
  • If you're stumped, one set of instructions is included
  • Customize and decorate your vehicle

One Walnut Ridge Mousetrap Vehicle

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