William Mark Air Burst Rocket System WMCAB001

William Mark

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William Mark Air Burst Rocket System WMCAB001

More information about William Mark Air Burst Rocket System WMCAB001

This is the Air Burst rocketry system from William Mark Corporation. It is for ages 10 and up with adult supervision.

Launching system includes:

  • One Air Burst high powered rocket launcher
  • Two readymade Air Burst rockets
  • Sixty Air Burst Membrane Boosters
  • Operating instructions and technical description

Requires: Bicycle Pump

Length: 14 (35.6cm)

Note: This is a high powered rocket launching system-misuse may cause severe injury.

  • Air burst rocketry incorporates an entirely new propulsion technology utilizing air to create a shock wave and venturi effect that launches its rockets higher and faster than any non-combustion rockets on earth
  • Through the bursting of membrane boosters within the launcher, Air Burst generates astounding power that sends model rockets to amazing heights
  • With a few pumps from a stand-up bike pump, it's rockets can be repeatedly and easily launched
  • No combustible or expensive rocket engines are used
  • With five different thrust levels to choose from, you can launch Air Burst rockets to varying altitudes reaching over 1000 feet and even beyond visual range