Got a Need for Speed? Satisfy It with the Traxxas Bandit

Remote control car driving and bashing is as simple or complex as one wants it to be. A careless hobby for some and an income generating sport for others, getting a 1/10th scale machine can be your newest addiction.
The Traxxas Bandit has been a staple of the remote control car world for years. It is a kids source of joy, and something to take the edge off after a long day at work. Its tough, fast, and full of options.

The Bandit is also a race proven truck that can take a hit. Let us look at some features that make the Traxxas bandit a necessary installment to your collection.

A Piece of RC History

The Traxxas Bandit has been around for 24 years. Essentially a Rustler with a shortened rear track, the Bandit is one of Traxxas's main pawns and has held its own as the iconic remote control car.

Through the years, the Bandit has undergone renovations. Undoubtedly, with the advancements in electrical tech as well as material casting, forming, and printing, the bandit has only gotten better.

Though it still looks quite similar to the original buggy found in catalogs, this new bandit is the most user-friendly, track-ready buggy yet.

Since its release into the remote control car market in 1995, the Bandit proved to be a great platform for user-friendly, entry-level remote control buggy racing. This stadium buggy evolved as the rustler did, continuing to share similar parts.

However, the Bandit was breaking barriers. Coming from out of the box capable of 35+ miles per hour, and reaching a potential of 70+ miles per hour with simple gearing and battery changes.

The Bandit still holds these numbers today. It is a hot selling product from hobby shops around the world and inspires people all ages to enter into RC stadium buggy racing.

Traxxas Bandit Stadium Racing

The Bandit is an RTR car. And we don't mean ready to run, RTR stands for ready to race. In fact, there are leagues that let you race your brand new Traxxas Bandit all across the globe.

Alongside its truck brother, the Rustler, the Bandit is a standard 1/10th scale rear wheel drive race buggy that offers upgrades for each part. This means you can finely tune how your Traxxas bandit drives under different power options.

And power is something the bandit takes well. Being nimble and light buggy, it doesn't take much to get this truck to incredible speeds. Blow past your competitors, grab each turn, and sail each jump!

Tough to Beat

The Traxxas Bandit starts at just over $150. And out of the box, you are getting your money's worth. The Bandit gives you hours of joy with minimal downtime.

No matter how you drive, the two-wheel displacement of the bandit and minimal amount of mass makes this light buggy a time killer for anyone.

Your time spent driving shouldn't be cut short. The Bandit is pretty impervious to mother nature, boasting waterproof electronics that will give you 15 to 30 minutes of run time depending on your specific model.

And these numbers are always up for adjustment with modification!

You also get the satisfaction of a tough car that handles the way you want to drive. The bandit is made to rail turns at full speed, hit jumps, and drive as spiritedly as you can imagine.

However, should you encounter an opponent too great for the likes of an RC car even as tough as the Bandit, fear not. Parts for the affordable rig are in stock and at your door in no time, for prices, you can't beat.

Don't be afraid to drive it as you stole it!

Fun for Everyone

Classified as a skill level one RC car from Traxxas, the bandit harnesses tons of fun and features in a platform able to be handled by new drivers and kids alike. It makes a great first car for any young one looking to get their hands on a fun 1/10th scale RC.

Its razor-sharp handling will keep new drivers from causing too much havoc should mistakes happen, and offer a great learning experience if things get broken.

Kids aren't the only ones thrilled about pulling the trigger on one of these race-ready rigs. All ages can have a blast satisfying a need for a wide range of speed and performance driving with the Bandit.

Retirement can get a little stale, and a Bandit is sure to bring back some excitement from days past.

Light Work

Once you've owned a Bandit, you'll be hooked. You may even want more power and more option, or maybe just a personalized look for your new addicting hobby! Upgrades are endless for the Bandit and it shares many parts with other Traxxas RC cars like the slash.

Increase power with speed controllers, batteries, motors, and gearing. Touched it up with stronger parts should new speeds bring new challenges.

Paint a custom body and grab some new wheels and tires to make your Bandit a whole new vehicle. Your imagination is the limit.

You don't need much to work on this rig. Tools and parts can be found here on the only planet for your remote control needs.

Two Wheels to Freedom

This 2WD buggy will be the safest adrenaline rush you can have. Whether you want to hit the track, or just chase the dog, the Bandit offers you a world of options.

Remote control products are only getting better, and the Bandit has the time tested history to make it one of the best.

It is a race rig your inner child (and wallet) will appreciate. Do wheelies to the woods with a new Traxxas Bandit today from RC planet!