Great Planes Tori 2M EP Glider ARF GPMA1818

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Great Planes
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  • Great Planes Tori 2M EP Glider ARF GPMA1818
  • Great Planes Tori 2M EP Glider ARF GPMA1818
  • Great Planes Tori 2M EP Glider ARF GPMA1818
  • Great Planes Tori 2M EP Glider ARF GPMA1818
  • Great Planes Tori 2M EP Glider ARF GPMA1818
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Vehicle Type:
Build Type:
Almost Ready to Fly
Power Type:
Electric Power
Skill Level:
Skill Level 1
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Fits Model:
Great Planes Tori 2M


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Almost ready to fly version requires motor, ESC and servos. Imagine weightlessness. Sunlight glowing on the trim scheme. Miles of sky, zero worries to bring you back to Earth. Freedom, fun, and relaxation are what the Tori has to offer. It’s made for extended soaring, bringing you a little closer to the clouds. The folding prop effortlessly takes you to soaring heights. The large wing generates plenty of lift for long flights. Independent aileron servos provide the control authority you need for precise control. In ARF or Rx-R versions, Tori is the way to experience thermal soaring. Don’t miss out.


  • Preassembled Wing
  • Fuselage and Tail Sections
  • Spinner and Folding Prop Assembly
  • Instruction Manual


  • Radio: At least 4-channel
  • Servos: Four Tactic TSX5 micro high-speed recommended
  • Motor: Great Planes Rimfire .10 Outrunner 35-30-1250 outrunner
  • ESC: 40A
  • Battery: 2S 2200mAh OR 3S 1800mAh LiPo
  • Battery Charger: Compatible with selected battery
  • Building and field equipment


  • Construction: Carbon boom, fiberglass fuselage, servo tray in fuselage is sized for the Tactic TSX5 micro servos, but may be enlarged for other servos, pre-hinged control surfaces for easy assembly
  • Wing: One-piece
  • Covering: High quality heat shrink film
  • Propeller: 12x6.5 folding
  • Spinner: Machined aluminum


Wingspan: 78.5" (1995mm)
Length: 42" (1065mm)
Wing Area: 498 sq in (32.1 sq dm)
Wing Loading: 8.4 - 9.0 oz sq/ft (25.6 - 27.5g sq dm)
Weight: 29-31oz (822-879g)
Center of Gravity: 2 - 3" (50 - 75mm) back from leading edge of wing approximately where it meets the fuselage

Control Throws:
Low Rate
Elevator, up & down: 5/16" (8mm) 15°
Rudder, right & left: 3/4" (19mm) 20°
Ailerons, Low Rate up 3/8" (10mm) 19°, down 1/4" (6mm) 13°

High Rate
Elevator, up & down: 1/2" (13mm) 25°
Rudder, right & left: 1" (25mm) 28°
Ailerons, High Rate up 5/8" (16mm) 33°, down 3/8" (10mm) 19°

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