HPI Blitz 1/10 Scale RTR Electric 2WD Short-Course Truck w/2.4GHz w/Waterproof Electronics

HPI Blitz 1/10 Scale RTR Electric 2WD Short-Course Truck w/2.4GHz
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This is the HPI Blitz 1/10 Scale RTR Electric 2WD Short-Course Truck. The HPI Blitz, the Short Course truck that took the scene by storm by combining the best in durability, performance, looks, style and innovation all into one ready-to-run package, is back and better than ever! The Blitz has received a makeover packed full of exciting additions to once again set the precedent as the best Short Course truck on the market! The Blitz RTR is now equipped with a high quality 2.4GHz radio system for crystal free driving, along with an all-new waterproof SC-15WP ESC and receiver box for wet weather excitement. Also included is a full set of bonus accessories necessary to get you up and running as soon as you open the box! A Plazma stick pack, AA alkaline batteries, and charger make running quicker and easier than ever. Topping everything off is a fresh Skorpion body and graphics that has as much function as it does form.

The Blitz is now waterproof equipped, and ready to tackle all of those wet conditions like rain, snow, and mud. The 2.4GHz receiver is safely stored in a waterproof receiver box, protecting it from the elements and ensuring glitch-free operation. The SF-10W waterproof steering servo and SC-15WP waterproof electronic speed controller complete the package. 

The improved Blitz now features a high quality HPI 2.4GHz radio system. This provides you with the confidence and comfort of crystal free driving, making frequency conflicts a thing of the past. A built-in failsafe is also standard, bringing the truck to a safe and controlled stop if it somehow loses radio signal or battery power.

Bonus Accessories Included
To get your HPI Blitz shredding up the local track, driveway or backyard as soon as possible; all of the necessary running items are included in the box! A rechargeable 7.2V Plazma battery pack, AC wall charger, and even a set of Plazma AA batteries for your transmitter are all there. Just charge the battery and you're ready to go!

Eye Catching Looks
The Blitz is topped off with the Skorpion body that was designed to not only look great with a wide and aggressive stance, but to also perform as well as it looks. The Skorpion body has received treatments in various areas to aid in the overall handling and feeling of the truck, both while driving it, and also while airborne. The body comes in two slick new color offerings, pre-cut and ready to go.*See Note Below

Legendary Durability
The Blitz carries on the legendary durability that the HPI lineup is known for, and takes many of its nearly indestructible cues from the E-Firestorm line. Features that are options for many other trucks out there, these are standard equipment here. Such as the tough, all metal bulletproof gear transmission, aluminum hex hubs, Baja inspired skid-plates, high performance threaded shocks, and high-impact nylon absorbing short course bumpers, just to name a few.

Blitz Features and Benefits:
  • WATERPROOF ELECTRONICS: Now equipped with a waterproof SC-15WP ESC and SF-10W waterproof steering servo, along with a waterproof receiver box to tackle wet conditions such as rain, snow, and mud.
  • 2.4GHZ EQUIPPED: A high quality 2.4GHz radio system is standard equipment for crystal-free driving and worry-free fun.
  • BONUS ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Everything to get you running is included right in the box. A 7.2V Plazma battery pack, AC charger, and Plazma AA batteries.
  • PROVEN HPI DURABILITY THROUGHOUT: The HPI Blitz uses nothing but the finest grade, high-impact nylon plastic on the most critical areas of the truck - from the bumpers to the super beefy arms and everything in between. HPI's industry known strength and durability makes the Blitz friendly for all - be it an R/C newcomer, or the skilled competitor.
  • LENGTHENED CHASSIS: The Blitz features a main chassis based on the E-Firestorm - lengthened to deliver the most stable feel a short-course truck can offer.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE THREADED SHOCKS: The threaded shock bodies feature super smooth shock action, as well as quick, on-the-fly adjustability.
  • BAJA 5T INSPIRATION: The unique and proven pivoting skid-plates have been adapted from the unmatched Baja 5T platform, which are able to truly absorb impacts.
  • MAXIMUM REAR TRACTION: Factory installed quick-change 3-degree rear toe block provides you with plenty of traction, and makes changes is easy.
  • ALL METAL GEAR TRANSMISSION: A bulletproof, brushless ready, full-metal gear transmission comes stock in the truck, and is made to handle all the power you can throw at it. Silicone oil is also pre-filled in the diff for an enjoyable, easy-to-drive experience.
  • FIREBOLT 15T MOTOR: The blistering Firebolt 15T motor provides plenty of power - from speed runs to competing at your local track.
  • FULL BALL BEARINGS: A complete set of rubber sealed ball bearings are included for super smooth drivetrain operation.
  • 12mm HEX HUBS: 12mm hexes will keep your wheels secure under extreme power, and will keep them from stripping out. 12mm hex hubs are the short-course industry standard allowing you to customize your truck with a wide variety of aftermarket parts.
  • CAPTURED HINGE PINS: Captured hinge pins make maintenance quick and hassle free, and also keep the suspension extremely smooth and snug.
  • SECURE BATTERY MOUNT: A simple flip of the rear battery mount will allow you to secure the Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd or Li-Po battery pack of your choice with an easy to use thumbscrew hold down strap.
Updates at a Glance:
  • 2.4GHz radio system for glitch-free operation without the need for crystals
  • Waterproof SC15WP ESC
  • Waterproof SF-10W steering servo
  • Waterproof receiver box
  • New Skorpion body
  • Included AA Plazma batteries for the transmitter
  • Included 7.2V Plazma battery pack
  • Included AC wall charger

Overall Width: 296mm
Wheelbase: 329mm (adjustable)
Overall Length: 548mm
Overall Height: 184~200mm (adjustable)

*NOTE: The vehicle shown may not be an accurate representation of the body color you will receive. Paint schemes are selected randomly. If you would like a specific color, please contact our customer service department prior to placing your order and we will do our best to honor your request.

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Friday, Jan 11 2013 (about 8 years ago)
HPI Blitz 1/10 Scale RTR Electric 2WD Short-Course Truck w/2.4GHz
The HPI Blitz is a competitive little bugger. It gives you the durability of the Traxxas Slash with the race pedigree that you would expect in a more expensive Team Losi or Team Associated short course truck.

Out of the box you are met with everything necessary to get your truck up and running... sort of... The stock battery is garbage and will only give you about 5 minutes of run time if even that.

For these quirks, I give you my tips.

Buy a better battery. Nothing crazy if you are being frugal, just something over 3000MaH.

6 cell NiMh batteries may seem too slow to some with stock electronics. So if you are a speed freak, try and get yourself a 7-cell NiMh flat pack out of the gate. Or LiPo if you are feeling frisky.

Get a peak charger. Again nothing crazy; 1-2 amp charge rate is fine. Just be sure it can peak NiMh batteries or else you risk explosions when leaving a battery unattended. The stock charger will have you sitting for 6+ hours until it finishes. And even then, it doesn't have a very good warning system when the battery reaches its peak.

If you insist on using the original battery, I suggest charging it once, then run the battery until your ESC starts cutting off power (It may do so straight away even with LiPo cutoff disabled). Then pick the truck up, hit the throttle on and off until it slows, and try to drain the battery a bit more. Then throw it on your peak charger after it cools off... It won't work miracles, but it could help wake the battery up.

Better steering lies in your BOX ALREADY! There are steering blocks included with the RTR kit in a bag of spare parts. Go ahead and install them for a little more steering throw. Could be a big help if you try racing the truck in a stock class without swapping the steering servo.

Check all screws and make sure they are tight. Having something loose could send you to the repair bench before even getting through your first battery.

Make sure you have a proper gear mesh! I cannot stress this enough. The stock slipper assembly is finicky and WILL strip your spur gears like nothing if you are off. Put a thin piece of paper (legal pad paper is fine) between gears. And make sure there is only a tiny bit of play in the gears when you finish tightening the motor screws as the motor may have shifted position slightly resulting in a gear mesh that is far too tight or far too loose. I'd say only allow half a millimeter of movement between spur and pinion.

Use Loc-tite on the pinion gear set screw. They have a tendency to come loose when you run in cold/wet weather.

Once you do all of this, or decide to ignore the advice and just run it anyway, you will be able to enjoy the bashing splendor that is the HPI Blitz. There is no reason to have two short course trucks - one for bashing and one for racing- because the Blitz balances them both so well that it pays for itself every time you land nose down on concrete without it falling apart.

It is an absolute beast for the price. Concrete wall at 25mph? No problem. Flat cement landing from a 15 foot high jump? Go for it. Win the A-main at your local hobby shop; very possible.
Verified Owner
Friday, Nov 9 2012 (about 8 years ago)
HPI Blitz 1/10 Scale RTR Electric 2WD Short-Course Truck w/2.4GHz
This review is from the perspective of a racer. I do absolutely no bashing.

This truck in its stock form is 1 star for racing. In its stock form you will be lucky to complete a single race. It handled so poorly that I need to pull it off of the track. Not long and the servo started having problems too. Throw in a high speed servo and a brushless system and it quickly becomes a 5 star machine capable of winning races against Losi and Associated trucks. I have had many nights where I take home 1st place with the Blitz.
Tuesday, May 1 2012 (about 9 years ago)
HPI Blitz 1/10 Scale RTR Electric 2WD Short-Course Truck w/2.4GHz
Great truck, I have one and works perfectly! Here you can find all the spare parts and good aftermarket pieces.
Sunday, Aug 12 2018 (about 2 years ago)
HPI Blitz 1/10 Scale RTR Electric 2WD Short-Course Truck w/2.4GHz
I don't have this exact kit, I have the ESE racer kit (discontinued) and I also have the e-Firestorm stadium truck. Nearly the same with the exception of the chassis and some other parts. both have been awesome rigs. they have taken a bit of tuning to get dialed however. the main issue with the Blitz out of the box is the lack of steering. It can be made better with the "in-line" steering knuckles (which are weakish and prone to breaking on my 3rd set in the ESE white). But to gain even more steering I file the stops down on the insides of the arms to get more throw. Shifting the battery all the way forward also helps. I upgraded the steering rack to the STRC unit which also helped. You can increase ride height in the rear also. Ultimately this is a great RTR kit. If you want to be competitive in anything other than the sportsman class you may want to upgrade to brushless and get a faster steering servo, possibly look at a MIP ball diff and definitely upgrade to race spec tires. the truck is a performer and quite durable. I have owned mine for several years now. Quite pleased with it. Now considering buying an RTR kit for my son to race.
Sunday, Feb 2 2014 (about 7 years ago)
HPI Blitz 1/10 Scale RTR Electric 2WD Short-Course Truck w/2.4GHz
A little more impressed after a full season with the truck with many replacement upgrades. Not a bad beginner truck out of the box, pretty durable, quick and honestly it has less problem areas than what I saw with Losi and Associated trucks, but if you want to put in serious track time or do any serious bashing expect to replace and upgrade parts quickly like anything else on the market.
Chassis and suspension parts are pretty durable, the weak links with this truck are the ball cup ends, dog bone drive shafts and slotted axles, also the steering leaves much to be desired and demands heavy tuning to make a sharp turn. While I can't say that I managed to break any chssis components it pays to spend the extra dollar and replace them with the e.s.e parts over stock replacements when needed.
Overall good truck, not as durable out of box as the Slash but competitive enough to give anything a strong run at the track!