LEGO Typewriter Set

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Experience Nostalgia and Creativity with the LEGO Typewriter

Transport yourself to a bygone era and celebrate the art of writing with the captivating LEGO Typewriter Set. This charming model pays homage to the classic typewriter used by the LEGO Group’s founder, Ole Kirk Kristiansen, and is designed to evoke feelings of nostalgia while igniting the curiosity of a new generation. Immerse yourself in the past as you build this exquisite LEGO Ideas model, complete with intricate details and functionalities that mimic the workings of a real typewriter. The center typebar elegantly rises with each key press, seamlessly connected to a moving carriage that glides across the keyboard. An authentic platen roller allows you to feed real paper into the brick-built typewriter for a truly immersive experience. The design is brought to life in the iconic mint green color reminiscent of 1950s-style typewriters, and every key is adorned with a printed character, eliminating the need for stickers. A groundbreaking feature of this set is the black and red ink spool ribbon, presented as a new fabric element. Designed by a dedicated LEGO fan and voted for by the LEGO community, this typewriter model includes a letter written by Thomas Kirk Kristiansen, a member of the LEGO Group’s owner family. As a cherished display piece, it beautifully captures the essence of simpler times and makes for an extraordinary gift for yourself, writers, LEGO enthusiasts, and lovers of vintage charm.

NOTE: Photo of completed model is for illustrative purposes only. This is a model kit that requires assembly.


  • Nostalgic Design: Recreate the classic typewriter used by LEGO’s founder, Ole Kirk Kristiansen, with a striking mid-century modern design in classic mint green.
  • Functional Center Typebar: Experience the charm of yesteryears as the center typebar elegantly rises with each key press, linked to a carriage that moves across the keyboard.
  • Real Paper Feed: Embark on a tactile journey by feeding real paper into the authentic platen roller, emulating the genuine typewriting experience.
  • Authentic Details: Discover authentic details with every key featuring a printed character, eliminating the need for stickers, and an innovative black and red ink spool ribbon as a new fabric element.
  • Cherished Display: Complete the experience with a letter by Thomas Kirk Kristiansen, adding a personal touch to this delightful display piece.


  • Pieces: 2,079
  • Age: 18+


  • (1) LEGO Typewriter Set

Needed to Complete:

  • Your passion for nostalgia and creativity

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