Estes AVG Bulk Pack (12) EST1753


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Estes AVG Bulk Pack (12) EST1753

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This is the Estes Rockets AVG Bulk Pack. The AVG (Alpha Viking & Generic) Bulk Pack combines rockets for three of the most popular bulk packs, providing a variety of skill levels and rockets in a single, convenient 12 pack. (Complete with 12 sets of instructions and extra parts.)

The Estes AVG Pack includes
4 of the Skill Level 1 Alpha, for flying on a variety of engines.
4 of the Skill Level 1 Viking, with 48 different fin combinations
4 of the Generic E2x, meant for those with less model flying skills

Assembly, cutting, sanding, and painting is required. Building tools, glue, Estes Rocket Engines, finishing supplies, and a launch system are needed and sold separately.