Estes Fin Alingment Guide EST302231


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Estes Fin Alingment Guide EST302231

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This is the Estes Fin Alignment Guide, for ages 10 and up.


  • Fast & accurate fin alignment for three or four finned rockets
  • No more guessing where your balsa fins go, this guide does it all for you
  • Works with 3/32 (2mm) or 1/8 (3mm) balsa
  • Easy to follow instructions are included

When building a model rocket one of the most difficult steps is attaching the balsa fins. Lining up the fins in the proper location takes a skilled eye and a steady hand. If the fins are slightly off it can change the trajectory of the model rocket. The fin alignment guide features easy to follow instructions which makes keeping your model rocket symmetrical much easier. The tool works on Estes rockets that are either four or three finned.

One Fin Alignment Guide