Estes Nike Smoke PS Rocket EST9704


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Estes Nike Smoke PS Rocket EST9704

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This is the Estes Nike Smoke Pro Series II Rocket Kit. The Nike Smoke is now a part of the ever growing and popular Estes Pro Series II line of model rockets, and is a must have addition to your rocket collection.

  • Flies up to 1500 feet (457m)
  • 24 nylon parachute recovery
  • 1 to 5.5 scale model
  • Quick release motor retention system
  • Through the wall fin mounting
  • One year warranty
  • Detailed illustrated assembly and launching instructions

The 1 to 5.5 scale Estes Nike Smoke rocket uses composite motors to launch and has through the wall fin mounting. An awesome feature to this series is the new quick release motor retention system (Motor Retainer Set - also sold separately). Though this rocket is pretty massive looking, the construction of this kit is not difficult. Building and finish work can easily be accomplished over a few days. Sure to be a crowd pleaser, the Estes Nike Smoke is a must have!

One Estes Nike Smoke Pro Series II Rocket Kit

Finishing supplies
Igniters (ESTT2305)
Recovery wadding (ESTT3556)
Launch controller (ESTT2230)
Launch pad (ESTT3552)
Engines: F26-6FJ
4 AA batteries (FUGP4304) - for launch controller
Length: 41.8" (106.2m)
Diameter: 3" (7.6cm)
Weight: 17.5oz. (496.1g)
Recovery: 24" nylon parachute
Altitude: 1500 ft (457m)