Estes Rascal/HiJinks Launch Set RTF Ready-to-Fly EST1499


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Estes Rascal/HiJinks Launch Set RTF Ready-to-Fly EST1499

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Pine-Pro Components are designed to bring a fresh, new look to your Pinewood Derby Car! This block of wood serves as the platform on which you will design and build your Wood Derby Car. Pre-cut wood with a sleek and aerodynamic look! Characteristics include: long rounded sloped hood, and a scooped rear end with spoiler look. Accurately cut axle grooves. You may add a driver figure, spoiler, seat, canopy, steering wheel, decals, paint, or any other details to personalize your entry. Follow the enclosed instructions and use your imagination to make your Wood Derby Car special.

Coping Saw
Sanding Block
Fine Grit Sandpaper
Sanding Sealer
PaintThis is the Rascal & HiJinks Model Rocket Launch Set from Estes®. Suitable for ages 10 and older. Adult supervision for children under 12. Ready to Fly right out of the box! And you get TWO rockets not just one! No painting, gluing or building needed for these two rockets means more time for FUN!

The Launch System includes an Electron Beam Launch Controller and Porta-Pad II Launch Pad. Flies up to 1200 feet high


  • Fully assembled
  • 2 high altitude rocket kits
  • Returns to earth via a 12 parachute
  • Detailed launching instructions, NAR Safety Code, Rocketeer's Guide,
  • and full one year warranty Requires:
  • Recommended Engines: A8-3, B4-4, B6-4, C6-5, C6-7
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Recovery wadding
Length: 14" (355.6mm)
Diameter: .98" (25mm)
Weight: 1.52oz (43g)
Altitude: 1200 ft (366m)
Recovery: 12" (305mm) assembled parachute