Revell BSA Wheel Adjustment Tool RMXY9616


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Revell BSA Wheel Adjustment Tool RMXY9616

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This is the wheel adjustment tool from Revell. It is suitable for ages 8 & older. Do seven pre-race checks with this one simple tool. This tool will help you make sure your car is fast and legal when race day comes.

Here's how to do it

  • Check the length: Pinewood Derby® cars can't be longer than 7 in. (177.8 mm)
  • Check the width: Pinewood Derby® cars must not exceed 2-3/4 (69.8 mm) in width, when measured across the wheels
  • Check axle alignment: Wheels that roll true (with no side-to-side movement) roll fastest
  • Check wheel clearance: Turn the tool on its right end, and find the number 4, the clearance notch.
  • Check wheel alignment: Turn your car over, and lay the tool on the bottom of the chassis
  • Check bottom clearance: Put the car on a flat, smooth surface. Slide the piece marked 6 under the nose of your racer, and then move it back toward the rear of your car
  • Check camber: Put the car on a smooth flat surface, and stand the tool on its bottom edge

Includes: One wheel adjustment tool and instructions

Note: Boy Scouts of America® Officially Licensed Product