Tactic Servo Extension 24 (600mm) Futaba J TACM2200


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Tactic Servo Extension 24 (600mm) Futaba J TACM2200

More information about Tactic Servo Extension 24 (600mm) Futaba J TACM2200

This is the Tactic 24 servo extension with Futaba J connectors. No two applications are quite the same. What works for a park flyer may not in a quarter-scale giant — so Tactic offers a wide variety of extensions, wiring, leads and Y-harnesses. They have expertly crimped ends and attached Futaba J or universal connectors. In addition to standard versions, heavy-duty styles are available to handle high-power/heavy current applications. Use them with power hungry digital servos or to make long extension runs in big aircraft.

Features: Installs between servo and receiver for long extension runs in large aircraft

Includes: Tactic 24 (610mm) Servo Extension with Futaba J Male and Female Connectors

Length: 24 (610mm)
Wire Color Codes: Black- negative, Red- positive and White- signal (polarity tab is on the signal side)

Wire Color Codes
Black: Negative
Red: Positive
White: Signal

Total Length:
24" (610mm)