Novak Timbuk2 Crawler Brushless ESC-2S NVK1832


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Novak Timbuk2 Crawler Brushless ESC-2S NVK1832

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The Timbuk2 is designed to work with Novak's Rock Crawling Ballistic and older-style Super Sport Crawling Motors. Basic operation of the ESC remains similar to its predecessors the Goat 2S and Goat 3S, but Novak has taken the advice of the rock crawlers and completely updated the braking adjustability and other features of the Timbuk2. New adjustments in the brakes means even more control and response from your crawler.

A feature that is central to the Timbuk2 is the complete on-board programming. No extra devices, plugs or cards are needed to maximize the features of this ESC. The Timbuk2's easy-to-use button and LEDs will guide drivers to their desired setting and allow them to make changes ON THE ROCKS! But have no fear, if adjusting and tuning is not your game, the setup out of the box works extremely well. You can tune anything from the strength of the brakes, to how smooth the throttle response is, and even the rotation of the motor. With dozens of combinations, the Timbuk2 has what you've been searching for in a Brushless Rock Crawling ESC.

In addition its compact and lightweight design, the Timbuk2 uses advanced MOSFETS that are incredibly powerful, yet small in size. This has allowed Novak to create a powerful ESC that boasts tons of power—all in a shockingly small package. The Timbuk2 footprint is only 1.15 x 0.95 and it weighs in at a paltry 0.69 oz, making it 40% smaller than the Goat 2S. Additionally, the Timbuk2 is essentially two ESCs in one. When it is used with a standard brushless motor, the Timbuk2 utilizes the Novak Edge ESC non-crawling software and can be run down to a 10.5T sensored brushless motor.

The Timbuk2 is available on its own to use with your current Novak Rock Crawling Sensor-Based Brushless motor, or as a system, paired with the Ballistic Crawler Motor, the Timbuk2 Ballistic Crawling Brushless System - 18.5T #3225). Either way you'll quickly find you have no need for pricey 3S LiPo batteries. With the Timbuk2 and a Novak 18.5T Crawler Motor, you will have both stump-pulling torque and drag-racing top speeds!

Designed especially for the demands of crawling vehicles to maneuver over the toughest terrain
Sensor-based for excellent torque and low-speed driveability
Compact and lightweight design
Novak's exclusive Hill/Drag Brake for significantly stronger hold brakes that can hold the heaviest rigs on the steepest inclines
Compatible with Novak Crawling Brushless Motors 18.5T or 21.5T
Water-resistant case with silicone gasket seal to help keep out the elements
Two ESCs in One—when used with a standard brushless motor, the Timbuk 2 utilizes the Novak Edge ESC non-crawling software and can be run with a 10.5T or higher sensored brushless motor
Built-In Voltage Cut-Off Circuitry prevents damage to LiPo/LiFe batteries
Built-In 6V output for optional accessory fan or other detail items such as running lights
User friendly One-Touch programming interface with five colored status LEDs to help personalize the speed control's settings
9 adjustable parameters: Hill/Drag Brake, Minimum Drive, Dead Band, Throttle Curve (Linear/Expo), Brake Frequency, Reverse End Point, Drive Frequency, Motor Rotation and Voltage Cut-Off
Built-in diagnostic temperature monitoring that lets you quickly check the ESC's operating temperature at any time
On-board Hall Sensor Test to easily and quickly verify that the motor's sensors are working properly

Thermal Overload Protection circuitry to protect the ESC from overheating
Novak's One-Touch Set-Up™ for quick, easy transmitter set-up
Plug-and-Play-- Factory wired with Tamiyabattery plug & gold-plated Bullet motor plugs
Gold-plated direct-solder wiring tabs for flexible soldering options
Factory installed power capacitor
User-replaceable input harness
Meets RoHS compliance and includes 120-Day Warranty
Designed, assembled and tested by Novak in Irvine, Calif., using globally sourced components

Fwd/Brk/Rev: F / Drag Brake / R (F / B / R when used with a non-crawling motor)
Input Cells: 2S LiPo/LiFe or 4-7 NiMH
Size: 1.15 x 0.95 x 0.66 (29.0 x 24.3 x 16.8 mm)
Weight (w/o wires): 0.69 oz. (19.5 g)
On-Resistance: 0.00057 ohms
Motor Limit: 18.5T Novak Crawler
BEC: 6.0 volts DC / 2.0 amps
Power Wire Size: 14G Super-Flex Copper-Strand Silicone Wire
Status LEDs: 5
Battery Plug: Tamiya-style

Input Voltage: 2S LiPo/LiFe; 4-7 NiMH
Size: 1.15" x 0.95" (29 x 24.3 mm)
Height: 0.66" (16.8 mm)
Weight (w/o wires): 0.69 oz (19.5g)
Motor Compatibility: Brushless
Motor Limit (brushless): 18.5T Novak Crawler
On-Resistance: 0.00057 ohms
BEC: 6.0V / 2.0A
Battery Plug: Tamiya
Motor Plug: None
Power Wires: 14G