Tekin G11 Brushed Electronic Speed Control TEKTT1040


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Tekin G11 Brushed Electronic Speed Control TEKTT1040

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Tekin G11 Sport electronic speed control has no turn limit if using fewer than 8 cells. Adjustable drive and brake frequency. Limitless multiple setup tuning options for every critical operating parameter, over 600,000 different settings. Multiple adjustment modes including Brake Minimum, Drag Brake, Current Limiter, Throttle and Brake Frequency. Zero loss solder drop fuse link. Gold plated copper soldering posts. Built-in self-test mode that checks all major systems on the ESC. Pre-installed ON/OFF switch. Pre-Installed female bullet motor connectors. Pre-Installed Tamiya style connector. Pre-Installed radio plug (Futaba J-style). 120 day limited warranty. This product includes, one G11 Electronic Speed Control, three 0.1uF Capacitors, three 1x1 pieces of servo tape, three 5.5 long zip-ties, two servo connectors (KO and JR). Three Tekin logo decal sheets in various colors.


Installation following the included instructions

Input Voltage: 4-10 Cells
On Resistance: 0.0008 ohms
Max Current: 280A
Throttle Frequencies: Adjustable from 1-11kHz
Brake Frequencies: Adjustable from 1.5-15kHz
BEC: 6.0V/5.0A
Current Limit: 10 to 90A and bypass
Power Wires: 12 gauge silicone
Weight (with wires): 1.25" (35 grams)
Length: 1.85" (47mm)
Width: 1.25" (32mm)
Thickness: 0.65" (16.5mm)
Motor Limit: None if using fewer than 8 cells, 12T limit if using 8-10 cells