Tekin Mini Rage Brushless ESC TEKTT1100


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Tekin Mini Rage Brushless ESC TEKTT1100

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Tekin Mini Rage Electronic Speed Control features; ESC: On-board programming. Adjustable drag brake and reverse brake strength. Programmable Reverse lockout and low voltage cutoff. Adjustable throttle and Brake profiles (2 modes with 7 profiles each). Pre-installed Futaba J plug (JR and KO plugs also included). Pre-Installed ON/OFF switch. Motor: Three wire design with pre-installed 3.5mm bullet connectors. Ball bearing-supported. Sensorless and brushless 5.4kV with high performance bearings. This product includes Tekin Mini Rage Speed Control. Three 3 long leads with 3.5mm female bullet connectors installed. Two 3.5 long leads (no connector, one black and one red wire). Four 1x1 pieces of double sided tape. Two 2.5x5mm hex head motor mounting screws (requires 2mm hex wrench). Two black plastic radio connectors (JR and KO). Three sheets of Tekin logo decals (various colors included).


Installation following the included intructions sheet, battery connectors of modeler's choice, soldering iron and solder

Length: 1.72" (44mm)
Width: 0.95" (24mm)
Height: 0.4" (10mm)
Weight: 0.9oz (24.5g)
Power: 25A
Surge: 60A
Resistance: 0.0045
Input power (except 8kV motor): 4-12 cells NiCd/NiMH or 2-4 cell LiPo
Input power (8kV motor): 4-8 cell NiCd/NiMH or 2-3 cell LiPo
Power Wires: 16AWG silicone