Futaba MSA-10 Servo Synchronizer FUTMSA10


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Futaba MSA-10 Servo Synchronizer FUTMSA10

More information about Futaba MSA-10 Servo Synchronizer FUTMSA10

This is the Futaba MSA-10 Servo Synchronizer.

Ideal for Giant Scale Models that require multiple-servo control.
If using a LiPo receiver battery, do not use more than 2 cells.

  • Couples up to Four Servos and electronically balances them to start and stop simultaneously for strong, smooth operation of even the largest control surfaces; plugs into a single Rx channel.
  • Allows for adjustment of end point and servo travel for each servo.
  • Also features reversing, so servos can be mounted in the most efficient configuration possible.
  • Allows these 4 servos to be powered separately from receiver.

  • One MSA-10 Servo Synchronizer with Futaba J connector.
  • One temporary battery channel jumper (used if no battery plugged in)
  • One small adjustment screwdriver.
  • Detailed one page instruction (available on line at www.futabarc.com)


  • Servos with Futaba J, Airtonics Z, or Hitec connectors.
  • Installation in the model.

  • Simple setup with 1 dial and 2 switches;
  • Settings 1-4 are used to set neutral and end points together in correlation with stick movement;
  • Settings 5-8 are used to set servo direction;
  • Setting 9 allows complete rest of all stored data;
  • Setting 0 as OK for inflight, can't bump adjustments.
  • 5th port allows for battery power separately to these servos.


  • 2 servos onto each aileron on a giant scale aircraft for a total of 4 servos plugged together into the aileron channel;
  • 2 servos driving scale flaps, plugged into one channel;
  • 2 motors/engines on a twin and plugged into one channel.
  • Used to adjust the centers and end points of each of up to 4 servos all plugged into the same channel to avoid binding, excess drain on one servo, load on the surfaces, etc.
  • Can be used for both analog and digital servos

  • Dimensions: 8x1.5x.6 (21.4x38.6x15.1mm)
  • Weight: .46 ounces (13 grams)