DuraTrax Brushless ESC Digital Programmer DTXM1350


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DuraTrax Brushless ESC Digital Programmer DTXM1350

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Inexpensive and easy to use, the DuraTraxBrushless ESC Digital Programmer is a perfect companion to the DE10. You'll make the most of the DE10's impressive functionality, speed and simplify its programming, and store critical vehicle performance data for post-race analysis. Using this pocket-sized programmer, even new drivers will feel like pros!

  • Compact and lightweight for easy hand-held use ¾— no need to risk an expensive laptop at the track!

  • Makes programming changes push-button easy..

  • Large LCD screen instantly identifies the feature selected for programming.

  • Allows timing adjustments in 2.5 increments, for even greater precision than when programming directly from the DE10.

  • View a variety of post-race data including average and maximum speed, maximum temperature and maximum current.

Includes: DuraTrax DE10 ESC Digital Programmer with Futaba J-type input jack and instruction manual

Requires: Connecting DE10 ESC to the Programmer