Futaba R143F FM w/Fail Safe 75MHz FUTL0354


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Futaba R143F FM w/Fail Safe 75MHz FUTL0354

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Fail Safe system on channel 2 returns throttle to preset speed in the event of a radio glitch, interference or low battery power. Ideal for use in any nitro powered buggy, sedan or truck. One year limited warranty. Repair/replacement receivers for smooth, interference-free control. Dual-conversion styles (noted by DF or DP) filter signals twice for maximum clarity. The newest 1024 PCM dual conversion receiver, R138DP, features a Hi-Lo band option that allows modelers to enjoy the advantages of virtually stepless 1024 PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) technology. Narrow-band spacing and dual conversion signal filtering combine to provide exceptionally clear, interference-free reception and amazingly smooth, accurate control. Available on 72MHz in both Low Band (Ch. 11-35) and High Band (Ch. 36-60); modelers buy and install the proper receiver crystal, available separately.

The R143F receiver cannot be used with dry cell or NiMH batteries. These batteries cannot endure a large current draw and will drop in voltage frequently if used with this receiver.


One Short FM receiver crystal Or a Futaba Single conversion crystal

Length: 1.7" (43mm)
Width: 1.1" (29mm)
Height: 0.6" (14mm)
Weight: 0.6oz (17g)