DuraTrax Servo Linkage Kit Blue DTXM5050


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DuraTrax Servo Linkage Kit Blue DTXM5050

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This is the Duratrax nitro car/truck servo linkage kit in blue.


  • Servo horn, blue nylon construction
  • Throttle rod (threaded on one end, 5.5 long .066 diameter)
  • Throttle rod ball cup, blue nylon construction
  • Rod pivot, blue nylon construction
  • 3x14mm hex head screw (requires a 2.5mm hex wrench)
  • 3mm nylon insert lock nut
  • Three servo adapters
  • Rod spring
  • 1/4 long piece of tubing
  • 1.5mm hex wrench (for installing the 3x3mm set screws)
  • Four 3x3mm set screws
  • Four anodized blue lock collars

Requires: Assembly and installation following your model's instruction manual

Note: A brake rod is not included in this kit. You may salvage your old brake rod and use it with the included hardware in this kit or purchase some music wire and cut your own to length. There is also a chance that you may have enough of your throttle rod left to cut it and make a brake rod from the excess.

  • Includes parts required to link up your model's throttle and brake to the model's servo (brake rod not included, salvage from model)
  • Heavy-duty blue nylon 4 arm servo horn
  • Anodized blue aluminum locking collars
  • Adapters to fit most popular servos including Futaba, Airtronics, KO, HiTec, Sanwa, and JR