Futaba S9405 Servo Coreless High-Torque BB FUTS9405


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Futaba S9405 Servo Coreless High-Torque BB FUTS9405

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This servo can produce high-current draw from your batteries. If using NiMH or LiPo batteries, make sure they are capable of delivering sufficient amps. Coreless motor (smoother and stronger than standard servo motors). High torque. Dual ball bearings. Grommets that protect the internal components from dust and water damage. This is a partial metal gear servo (has 2 metal gears). Coreless motors: conventional servo motors have a steel core armature wrapped with wire that spins inside the magnets. In a Coreless design, the armature uses a thin wire mesh that forms a cup that spins around the outside of the magnet eliminating the heavy steel core. This design results in smoother operation and faster response time.

One servo with J connector, one small round horn, one large round horn, one X-shape horn, one 6-arm horn, one accessory package and warranty card are all included.

Speed: .14 sec/60? @ 4.8V - .11 sec/60? @ 6V
80 oz-in @ 4.8V - 100 oz-in @ 6V (5.8 kg-cm @ 4.8V - 7.2 kg-cm @ 6V
1.9oz (55g)
1.6" (41mm)
.8" (20mm)
1.5" (38mm)