Futaba Servo Helicopter Rudder SBus2 FUTBLS251SB


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Futaba Servo Helicopter Rudder SBus2 FUTBLS251SB

More information about Futaba Servo Helicopter Rudder SBus2 FUTBLS251SB

This is the Futaba BLS251SB S.Bus2 helicopter rudder high-speed servo.


  • Brushless motor offers incredible holding power and 5X longer life than servos equipped with brushed motors
  • Compatible with the Futaba CGY750, GY701, GY520, GY430, GY611 and GY601 gyros
  • Programmable and compatible with S.Bus and S.Bus2
  • Aluminum center case section helps to dissipate heat


  1. HV BLS251SB S.Bus2 Servo with Instructions and Mounting Hardware
  2. 1.8 (45mm) diameter Round Horn
  3. 1.52 (38.7mm) four-point Horn
  4. 1.2 (31.5mm) six-point Horn

Note: Do not connect this servo directly to a receiver or damage will result. This servo is compatible only with the gyros listed above. Do not use with 1520us pulse width.

Torque: 52.78 oz-in (3.8 kg-cm) @ 4.8V

Speed: 0.06 sec/60º @ 4.8V

Dimensions: 1.57 x 0.79 x 1.45" (40 x 20 x 36.8mm)

Weight: 2.12oz (60g)

Power Supply: 4.8V

Neutral Pulse Width: 760us

SBus Programmable Defaults

Dead Band Degree: 0.08

Damper Factor: 64

Stretcher Gain: 8

Boost: 10

Neutral Offset Degree: 0

Travel Adjust Percentage: 100%

Reverse (Normal/Reverse): Nor

Stop Mode (Free/Hold): Hold

Buzzer (On/Off): Off

Smoother (On/Off): On

Boost (On/Off): Off

Soft Start: 3.0