RC Drones & FPV Racers

Search the word “drone” a few years ago and the options available would have been sparse, and mostly referencing military aircraft. Fast forward to today and a search result for drone or quadcopter will bring up literally thousands of results, from the recreational to entrepreneurial. The built-in features for many of the modern quadcopters have eliminated the need to be a pro at flying UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and created a new and obsessed market among the RC community.

Many drones are stabilized using GPS, which has also been rapidly evolving, and therefore contributing to the surge in drone popularity. Ultilizing GPS, drones like the Yuneec Typhoon are able to calculate their velocity, altitude, and even their own position within its surrounding environment. Because of this feature, these drones are able to enter a semi-automated mode, taking over some of the more technical aspects of flying, such as decision making and which course is the best to take.

Another component of the newer drone models is the RTL or Return to Launch function, and it does exactly that. When the mode is selected by the pilot, the quadcopter, using GPS, will leave its current position and return to the coordinates you’ve selected as your home point. As these vehicles take more control of the many aspects of flying, it’s no wonder so many are jumping at the opportunity to fly one.

Though you don’t need approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly your UAV (unless you’re using it for commercial purposes), there are still guidelines set in place by the FAA to keep you, your rc drone, quadcopter, or helicopter, and those around you safe. It’s important to be aware of the do’s and don’ts of flying these vehicles, because ignoring them could cost you more than just the price of your drone.

When it comes to drones, the options are seemingly endless, with makes and models available to suit virtually any want or need. From smaller quadcopters beginning as low as $10-$15, to more advanced drones equipped with 4K HD cameras and gimbal systems for camera stabilization, any hobbyist or professional has their perfect drone, and they can find it, right here at RC Planet.