Dubro Fuel Tank 100 oz DUB797


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Dubro Fuel Tank 100 oz DUB797

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This is a Dubro 100 oz. (3000cc) Square Fuel Tank.

DU-BRO Fuel Tanks are legendary for being durable and reliable. In more than 25 years, there has never been a failure of a DU-BRO Tank. This is because the process and material used are superior to most other tanks on the market.

Now you can enjoy longer flight times with less refueling, more time for go-arounds while practicing or competing and you will be watching the aircraft more and the clock less knowing you have plenty of fuel on board. Plus, as all of Dubro’s other tanks can be, the Big Tanks can be used with pressurized fuel systems. All this performance and reliability, and they even include all of the needed hardware!

One Dubro 100 oz. fuel tank, Stopper and Tubing Set, Fuel Clunk Pick-up, and a Tank Cap Set with Brass Tubes
  • Cap fits over neck of tank to prevent splitting
  • Single or twin vent design
  • Fuel tubing and fuel stopper for gasoline or glow fuel
  • Can be used with pressurized fuel systems
  • Protruding front protects fuel lines
  • Soft brass tubes for easy bending
  • Nickel plated large size clunk fuel pick-up for even fuel flow
  • Will not split or crack from vibration or pressure
Height: 96mm (3.78")
Length: 292.1mm (11.5")
Width: 130mm (5.12")