Dubro Rod Ends Steel 4-40 (2) DUB205


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Dubro Rod Ends Steel 4-40 (2) DUB205

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This is a rod end set by Dubro. These rods work well as tail bracing, flying wires, aileron connectors on biplanes, strut bracing, and anywhere a solid wire connection is needed.


  • Solid steel construction
  • Steel threaded fork for easy adjustments
  • Overall length adjustment by crimping wire where desired
  • Full mounting hardware included

Includes: Two 12x4-40 steel rods, four fork rod ends, four mounting straps, four 4-40x1/4 screws and four 4-40 nuts

Rod length: 304mm (12)
Rod diameter: 2.2mm (0.088)
Strap length: 40.7mm (1.602)}
Strap width: 6.5mm (0.259)
Strap thickness: 1.6mm (0.065)

Note: One end of each steel wire includes a threaded fork shaped coupler. The other end has a coupler that will slide up and down the wire, following the instructions, if you crimp the end of the wire at your desired position, you can cut off the excess, and adjust the length.