Great Planes ElectriFly 2.5:1 Elec Flight Gearbox GPMG0850

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Great Planes ElectriCub II
Great Planes ElectriFly 2.5:1 Elec Flight Gearbox GPMG0850

More information about Great Planes ElectriFly 2.5:1 Elec Flight Gearbox GPMG0850

This is a GD-600 electric flight 2.5:1 ratio gear drive unit for electric R/C airplanes applications.


  • ElectriFly GD-600 Electric Flight Gear Drive 2.5:1
  • 2.5:1 (18 tooth) steel pinion gear
  • Precision machined aluminum prop hub and washer
  • Instruction sheet
  • All mounting hardware and wrenches

Requires: One ElectriFly T-600R Reverse Rotation Ferrite Motor or a similar 550 size motor

Weight: 1.4oz (40g)
Shaft Diameter: 4.9mm

Note: The motors are timed to provide a higher RPM. That is why we had to have a reverse motor. Some other motors will turn the same RPM forward or reverse. It just depends on what motor he is using whether he needs a reverse rotation motor.

  • Designed for electric aiplanes using reverse rotation 550-size motors
  • Converts the rotational speed from the motor to the propeller, making the motor more versatile and efficient than a direct drive system. It is capable of delivering more thrust and longer flight times by swinging larger, more efficient propellers
  • Dual ball bearings and precision machined aluminum prop hub provide true, vibration-free rotation
  • Open housing for optimum cooling and easy pinion changes
  • Compact, lightweight, and highly durable
  • Extended prop shaft provides plenty of room to hold prop, washer, and nut
  • Includes a 2.5:1 steel pinion gear for 18-turn motors