Great Planes Spinner 1-3/4 Aluminum GPMQ4551

Great Planes

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Great Planes Spinner 1-3/4 Aluminum GPMQ4551

More information about Great Planes Spinner 1-3/4 Aluminum GPMQ4551

This is a two-blade aluminum spinner with aluminum backplate from Great Planes.


  • Aluminum spinner cone
  • Aluminum backplate
  • 10-32 x 1 mounting bolt
  • Box with installation instructions and safety tips

Requires: One spinner adapter kit

Note: Failure to follow the instructions printed on the box may cause the propeller to separate from the model. If the spinner cone touches the propeller at any point, use a file or MotoTool to relieve this area.

  • Machined for accuracy, then polished to a gleaming finish
  • Easy to install, having a bolt-on design, centers each spinner perfectly on its baseplate
  • Spinner cone is recessed to mate into the spinner backplate
  • The rear of the spinner is flat, without an overhanging cone
  • Includes black 10-32 bolt that holds spinner cone to backplate
  • Adapter kits for different engine sizes are available separately

Spinner Backplate Diameter: 1-3/4" (44mm)

Spinner Backplate Mounting Ring Thickness: 3/16" (4mm)

Spinner Backplate Hole Diameter: 3/8" (9.5mm) (The Adapter Kit Will Contain An Aluminum Bushing To Fit The Crankshaft Size.)

Length From Back Of Backplate To Front Of Cone: 2" (51mm)

Height Of Propeller Slot: 9/16" (14.5mm)

Length Of Propeller Slot:  5/8" (15.5mm)