AquaCraft GrimRacer Cowl Locks AQUB9513


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AquaCraft SuperVee 27R BRLS
AquaCraft GrimRacer Cowl Locks AQUB9513

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AquaCraft pair of GrimRacer cowl locks for boats. GrimRacer cowl locks work well on all types of RC boats. These cowl locks snap down tight and easily release with just a quick 1/4 turn. Gray metal studs (The piece that will go thru the cowl). Spring steel receptacle (The piece that mounts in the boat). Comes with receptacle mount for boats that lack a good receptacle mounting location.

This package includes:
Two 1/4 turn metal studs
Two rubber keepers
Two spring steel receptacles
Two aluminum 90º receptacle mounting bases
Four 2x8mm screws
Four 2mm nuts
Photo-illustrated instruction sheet

1/8and 2mm drill bits for making necessary mounting holes

Stud length: 1/2" (13mm)
Stud diameter: 1/8" (3.5mm)
Receptacle length: 3/4" (19mm)
Receptacle width: 3/8" (10mm)
Receptacle height: 1/4" (6mm)
Mount length: .78" (20mm)
Mount width: 9/16" (14mm)
Mount height:7/8" (22mm)