Ram Bilge Pump Boat Saver 6-12V RAM45


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Ram Bilge Pump Boat Saver 6-12V RAM45

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This is the boat saver bilge pump designed for 6-12V operation. When installed into the bottom of your radio box or hull, this device will detect the presence of water in the boat's interior. This is used to protect your radio equipment from shorting due to water damage. With water detected, a bright warning light turns ON and the included bilge pump engages.

Includes: Boat Saver with Bilge Pump Unit, Ram Product List, Instruction Sheet and Water Tube


  • One 6-12V Battery (9V Clip is Included)
  • Screws or Glue to Mount To Hull or Box
  • 1/4 Drill
  • Double Sided Servo Tape
Length: 2.5
Height: 1.5"

Outer Diameter: 1/4"
Inner Diameter: 1/8"
Length: 6-1/2