Axial Aluminum Shock Cap AXIAX30111


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Axial Wraith Jeep
Axial Aluminum Shock Cap AXIAX30111

More information about Axial Aluminum Shock Cap AXIAX30111

Axial aluminum 72-103mm shock set (requires assembly)

* Threaded shock body for easy pre-load adjustment
* Aluminum shock body for less shock body flex
* Aluminum cap and adjustable preload spacer
* Machined delrin piston for silky smooth performance and less lateral movement
* 3.5mm titanium nitride coated (TiNi) shock shaft that reduces lateral movement.
* Cartridge style bottom helps reduce lateral movement while providing a better seal for less leakage.
* Silicone diaphragm that provides a more consistent feel and a better seal to prevent leakage.
* Silicone bushing in the cap holds shock in place while allowing freedom of movement to prevent binding and prevents the shock cap from popping off.
* Full range of shocks springs available to fine tune the ride (AX30218 Spring 14x70mm 2.07 lbs/in - Super Soft (red) included as standard).
* Machined flats on shock shafts allow you to hang on to the shaft with pliers for maintenance without scarring the TiNi coating.
* Dual stage shock pistons included.
* Three different length rod ends included for adjustable ride height.
* Rubber bump stops for high speed applications, soften landings from those harsh jumps.