Axial DIG Upgrade Set AXIAX30793


Item # AXIAX30793
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Car Parts:
Transmission Components
Fits Model:
Axial AX10
Fits Model:
Axial Wraith Jeep
Fits Model:
Axial SCX10
Axial DIG Upgrade Set AXIAX30793

More information about Axial DIG Upgrade Set AXIAX30793

This is the Axial Upgrade Dig Component Set.


  • Compatible with the AX80051 Dig Transmission Case
  • Creates a three function transmission; 4x4, 4x2 (freewheel) and Dig (rear locked)
  • Helps with extreme climbs, descents and tight technical turns
  • Hardened steel main slider shaft
  • Sintered steel working internals

Includes: Servo linkage, Slider Parts, Output Shaft, all Hardware

Note: Servo and instructions are not included.