DuraTrax Shock Fr Aluminum Vendetta (2) DTXC8997


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DuraTrax Vendetta Buggy
Fits Model:
DuraTrax Vendetta SC
DuraTrax Shock Fr Aluminum Vendetta (2) DTXC8997

More information about DuraTrax Shock Fr Aluminum Vendetta (2) DTXC8997

This is the optional aluminum body front shock set for the Duratrax Vendetta.


  • Aluminum construction that’s blue in color
  • Direct fit hop-up requires no modification for use
  • Replaces stock nylon part and adds flair to your model's looks


  1. Two blue aluminum shock bodies
  2. Two blue aluminum shock caps
  3. Two yellow (medium stiffness) shock springs
  4. Two shock shafts
  5. Four 1.5mm e-clips
  6. Two black nylon upper spring retainers
  7. Two black nylon lower spring retainers
  8. Two black nylon shock ends
  9. Two white nylon shock pistons (two-hole)
  10. Four black nylon washers
  11. Two black rubber diaphragms
  12. Four orange rubber O-rings
  13. Four metal shock O-ring retainer clips
  14. Four 2mm thick black nylon pre-load spring clips

Requires: Assembly following the included instructions sheet and shock oil of modeler's choice

Shock Bodies Length: 0.93" (24mm)

Shock Bodies Diameter: 0.12" (3mm)

Shock Shaft Length: 1.02" (26mm)

Shock Shaft Diameter: 0.080" (2mm)