Gmade XD Aeration Shock 75mm GMA21707


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Gmade XD Aeration Shock 75mm GMA21707

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Gmade XD Aeration Shock 75m

Main Features:
•Emulsion shocks mix with oil & air, it is easy to build and works better in a bumps and jumps, landing and overall in a rough surface feels good.
•CNC machined aluminum shock bodies and aeration screws
•Titanium gray anodized shock bodies
•Red anodized aeration screws
•Lower shock ends includes red anodized aluminum balls
•Fully threaded for rapid adjustment
•Delrin pistons
•3.5mm thick shock shafts
•Shaft exits through double O-ring seals
•Easy load shock seal assembly
•Laser engraved for authenticity
•Fits 1/10 scale crawlers & trucks, 1/10 scale EP buggys (such as Associated B44 front)

What's included:
•Titanium gray anodized aluminum shock bodies x 2
•Red anodized aluminum aeration screws x 2
•Shock springs x 2
•All necessary hardware to finish the shocks
•Assembly instructions
•Bottle of shock oil
?Length (Mounting hole to hole): 75mm
?Shock Body Diameter: 14mm
?Spring Diameter: 19mm
?Spring Length: 40mm
?Full Shaft Travel Range: 17mm (without Rubber bump stop)
?Shaft Diameter: 3.5mm