HPI 19T Clutch Bell 0.8M HPI77139

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Car Parts:
Clutch Components
Fits Model:
HPI Nitro Firestorm 10T
Fits Model:
HPI Firestorm 10T 2.4
HPI 19T Clutch Bell 0.8M HPI77139

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Whether you need stump pulling torque or screaming top end speed from your HPI Firestorm, here are the parts you need! HPI is proud to announce a line of optional clutch bells for the Firestorm in sizes ranging from a 17T all the way up to a huge 21T! These clutch bells come in 0.8m pitch for smooth power transfer and more gearing options for your Firestorm. So if you are looking for an easy way to heat up the streets or blast down the track, make sure you have the gears you need!

Teeth: 19
Outside Diameter: 1.11 (28.3mm)
Inside Diameter: 1 (25.44mm)



Teeth: 19
Outside Diameter:
1.11" (28.3mm)
Inside Diameter:
1" (25.44mm)