HPI Alloy Diff Case Savage X Ss HPI86827

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Item # HPI86827
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Car Parts:
Differential,diff parts
Fits Model:
HPI Savage XL Octane
Fits Model:
HPI Savage XL 5.9
Fits Model:
HPI Savage Flux
Fits Model:
HPI Savage X
HPI Alloy Diff Case Savage X Ss HPI86827

More information about HPI Alloy Diff Case Savage X Ss HPI86827

This is the HPI Alloy Differential Case for the Savage X SS.

Made from high quality aluminum, these differential housings come with everything needed to install them in any of the Savage line of Nitro monster trucks and include features such as steel cross pin supports and extremely accurate tolerances to help all of your differential parts in alignment even under massive loads.

After hours and hours of testing R&D has determined that these parts can take any amount of power that you can throw at them. So if you are ready to take your Savage to the next level, these are the parts that will take you there.

One HPI Alloy Differential Case

Installation onto vehicle

  • Silver/grey colored
  • Made of durable aluminum
  • Replaces a worn or damaged diff sets
  • For the HPI Savage X SS