HPI Brake Cam HPI86877

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Item # HPI86877
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Car Parts:
Brake System
Fits Model:
HPI Nitro Firestorm 10T
Fits Model:
HPI Firestorm 10T 2.4
HPI Brake Cam HPI86877

More information about HPI Brake Cam HPI86877

This is the stock brake cam for the HPI Firestorm.

Features: Cam is aluminum construction


  • Silver cam
  • Linkage rod 5 in length
  • Brass puck to activate pressure against brake disc

Requires: Installation onto model per instruction manual

Length of cam: 1 (25.4mm)
Diameter of cam: 0.2 (5mm)

Note: This is the shaft that pivots to operate the brake.

Length of cam: 1" (25.4mm)
Diameter of cam: .2" (5mm)