HPI Nitro Racing Clutch RS4 HPI87191

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Car Parts:
Clutch Components
Fits Model:
HPI Nitro RS4 3
Fits Model:
HPI Apache C1
HPI Nitro Racing Clutch RS4 HPI87191

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New from HPI Racing is this Nitro Racing Clutch for Nitro RS4 cars and most 1/10th scale nitro touring cars. The clutch has three adjustment holes so racers can choose the best setting for high- or low-traction racing surfaces, and change the range of RPMs that the clutch engages the clutchbell gear. The spring supplied with the Nitro Racing Clutch is a loop style spring for smooth transfer of power, and the clutch material and design help prevent melting under the stress and heat of high-power Nitro engines. it's light weight for more punch, quick throttle response and excellent overall performance.

Thickness: 0.39 (10mm)
Diameter: 1 (25.4mm)

Requires: Installing on flywheel assembly
Thickness: 0.39" (10mm)
Diameter: 1" (25.4mm)