HPI Pinion Gear 28T 0.6m HPI88028

HPI Racing

Item # HPI88028
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Car Parts:
Spur Gears & Pinion Gears
Fits Model:
HPI E-10 Drift
HPI Pinion Gear 28T 0.6m HPI88028

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HPI Racing is proud to introduce a selection of Pinion Gears ranging from 20T to 35T for the E10 touring car. These 0.6M pinion gears are a perfect fit on the E10, making gear ratio adjustments quick and easy. Each pinion is precision machined to the exact factory tolerances for a smooth gear mesh. A wide range of gears is needed for the various stock and modified motor racing classes, so most racers will carry several different pinion sizes in their pit boxes. Each gear is stamped with the number of teeth for easy identification.

Length: .41 (10.5mm)
Inside Diameter: 1/8 3.17mm
Outside Diameter: .64 (16.19mm)

Requires: Installation
Length: .41" (10.5mm)
Inside Diameter:
1/8" 3.17mm
Outside Diameter:
.64" (16.19mm)