HPI Wheelie Bar Set Savage HPI85245

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Car Parts:
Wheelie Bar
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HPI Savage XL Octane
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HPI Savage XL 5.9
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HPI Savage Flux
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HPI Savage X
HPI Wheelie Bar Set Savage HPI85245

More information about HPI Wheelie Bar Set Savage HPI85245

HPI Racing wheelie bar set for the Savage. Assembly comes with a large and a small wheel to allow for different wheelie angles.

Make your Savage perform awesome wheelies with the exciting new Savage Wheelie Bar from HPI Racing. The Savage Wheelie Bar opens a whole new world of Savage stunts - a new challenge to control your Savage on two wheels.

The Wheelie Bar provides allows you to ride perfect wheelies for as long as you want, and prevents the Savage from flipping over when during full throttle blasts.

Dual ball bearings make it efficient and high quality molded nylon construction makes it durable. The Wheelie Bar is built to official HPI factory specifications for a perfect fit on any Savage truck. 2 different size wheels are included so you can achieve BIG wheelies and even BIGGER wheelies!

All of the necessary mounting is included, along with detailed installation instructions. This is a quick and easy hop-up that will add a new dimension of excitement and fun to the popular line of Savage truck

This product includes
(1) Wheelie Bar assembly with wheels
(2) Ball Bearing 10x15x4mm
(6) Binder Head Screw M3x15mm
(6) Taped Binder Head Screw M3x25mm
(2) Binder Head Screw M4x40mm
(6) Lock Nut M3
(4) Lock Nut M4



HPI Savage and screwdriver (No.2)