Kyosho O-Ring Set KYOIFW140-05


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Kyosho O-Ring Set KYOIFW140-05

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Made from high grade soft silicone rubber, these o-rings have incredible life. It is very important however to monitor the leakage from these seals by examining the shafts of the shocks for excess silicone fluid. There should be no fluid at all on the shaft if the seals are in good condition. The black spacers are critical to seal performance as well and it is recommended you replace these every time you replace the silicone o-rings. The spacers actually allow the shock shaft to travel through the seal in parallel to the shock body. If these spacers oval out from excessive wear, the seal no longer does its job and will allow leakage.
Includes 4 O-rings, 2 plastic bushings, 4 G-clips, and 2 new ball ends for the lower ball end of the shocks.