Kyosho Wheel Nut wnylon KYOIFW336R


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Kyosho Wheel Nut wnylon KYOIFW336R

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Kyosho Inferno nylon locking 17mm wheel nuts constructed of red anodized 7075 aluminum. These are the same ones introduced with ST-RR and Long Chassis conversion kit for the STR. Fits all Inferno MP9 and MP777 Buggies and Truggies as well as most other 17mm hex hub 1/8th cars. Great option, makes sure your wheel nut does not come off in a race. Gets rid of the man I would have finished my main if my wheel didn't come off! excuse. When installing these for the first time use a bit of Kyosho white grease (or equivalent) on the threads of the hub. This will help start the thread without damaging anything. Clean the grease off when finished threading them for the first time.