MIP Carbide Diff Ball Rebuild Kit:Std Diff TLR MIP16100


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MIP Carbide Diff Ball Rebuild Kit:Std Diff TLR MIP16100

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This is a MIP tungsten-carbide differential ball rebuild kit for Team Losi Racing 22 series standard differential vehicles. It's finally time to rebuild your ball differential, meaning you have to get a separate package of diff balls, diff rings, thrust assembly, t-nut, spring, screw, diff and thrust lube; that's a lot of stuff you have to order! Thanks to MIP, there's a better way: MIP's complete ball differential rebuild kit! This all-in-one diff kit comes with replacements for all of your differential components (except outdrives/diff gears) in the highest-grade materials available and using MIP's race winning formula. Including tungsten carbide diff balls, hardened and polished diff/thrust rings, a new spring and screw, the required lubes, and even MIP's rebuildable aluminum T-nut that boasts 30% more breakaway force and improved shear strength than the conventional t-nut. If you need to rebuild your TLR 22 series standard diff, then you need this kit.


  • Tungsten-carbide differential balls
  • R-CVD keyed design
  • Hardened and polished differential and thrust rings
  • New spring and screw
  • MIP aluminum machined T-Nut
  • MIP's special differential and thrust lube
  • 100% made in the USA!

1x MIP Confetti Sticker
6x 5/64 Chrome Steel Ball Bearing
14x 3/32 Gr.25 Tungsten Carbide Diff Ball
2x MIP Diff Ring
1x MIP 2-56 x 7/8 SHCS
2x #2 Hardened Washer
1x Diff Spring 1/4 x 9/32
1x MIP T-Nut Housing .250 Bore
1x MIP T-Nut Insert .250 Bore

2mm Allen key
Standard differential
Differential gears
Differential outdrives