RPM Rear A-Arms Blue Electric Rustler/Stampede (2) RPM80185


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Car Parts:
Suspension System
Fits Model:
Traxxas Rustler
Fits Model:
Traxxas Stampede
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RPM Rear A-Arms Blue Electric Rustler/Stampede (2) RPM80185

More information about RPM Rear A-Arms Blue Electric Rustler/Stampede (2) RPM80185

RPM's set of front A-arms coupled with rear A-arms, the total weight loss exceeds 24 grams or almost a full ounce! RPM accomplished this without creating any weak points nor are our A-arms any more flexible than the stock versions. Additionally, they have adjusted the shock mount locations slightly to allow more noticeable tuning adjustments when using the inner or outer shock mount holes (while the center hole remains in its stock location). While they were at it, RPM eliminated over 0.030 or 1/32 of slop from the inner arm mount and more than 0.010 or slightly less than 1/64of slop at the outer hinge pin for an ultra-smooth, slop-free suspension system.

RPM A-arms for the electric versions of the Traxxas Rustler & Stampede are molded in either blue or black and are sold in pairs-1 left rear and 1 right rear per package.

Length: 4.04" (102.5mm)
Width at Bulkhead:
1.80" (45.5mm)
Width at Hub:
1.11" (28.25mm)
.31" (7.8mm)

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