RPM Rear A-Arms SC8/RC8B RPM73922


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RPM Rear A-Arms SC8/RC8B RPM73922

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Every aspect of the design on these arms is there to either improve strength or durability. Additionally, we’ve cleared the A-arms in areas known to rub on the stock A-arms, allowing extra droop for more suspension travel over rough terrain or big jumps.

Exclusive features of RPM A-arms include: Molded-in shock mounts which means no more lost screws or extra weight from those screws on the arms (each RPM Rear A-arm is actually 3 grams lighter than stock, saving 6 grams of unsprung weight!). Elimination of the stock lower shock mount pin in favor of a new 5-40 screw, which eliminates .004” of slop in the pivot and improves suspension accuracy. Leading and trailing 30-degree edges help the vehicle to more easily transition up and over objects too tall for the suspension to clear and improve suspension aerodynamics.

RPM A-arms are molded in our trademark blend of bulletproof nylons and are factory-backed by our industry-leading breakage warranty. Molded in black and sold in pairs with one left and one right A-arm in each package.