RPM Receiver Box Black GT RPM80052


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RPM Receiver Box Black GT RPM80052

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RPM receiver box is specifically designed to fit in the Associated GT, but can easily fit in any vehicle simply by drilling two mounting holes through the chassis. The RPM receiver box is built from our trademark blend of nylons, guaranteed to withstand most side impacts (protecting your expensive receiver from damage) and is molded in either blue or black. It also has an antenna mount built into the base that helps keep the antenna wire away from other electrical wires which helps prevent glitches. In addition, since our receiver box is built from nylon, which is non-conductive, the receiver is virtually sealed off from glitches emanating from the chassis. The package includes a base and a top to the receiver box, as well as two screws to secure the top to the base and clear and concise instructions for the best possible mount to the chassis. There isn't any better protection than what RPM has to offer!

Version Compatibility issues: The RPM receiver box will not work with older model GT's using the black, tub style chassis nor will it fit as a stock replacement part on the GT2.

Interior Dimensions: 2.135"L x 1.075"W x 1.4"H.

Note: Please measure your receiver prior to purchase for compatibility.