RPM Shock Shaft Guard ASC Blue 1/10 RPM80575


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RPM Shock Shaft Guard ASC Blue 1/10 RPM80575

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RPM Racing package of four shock shaft guards back and sides are open, which prevents debris from building inside the guard as well. The kit comes with replacement oversized shock rod ends, improving durability and consistency on the shock pivot ball. Additionally, we redesigned the top of the rod end so it is square. That square end keys the shock shaft guard for directional control. The front shield of the guard covers over 100 degrees of frontal exposure! RPM Shock Blue Shock Shaft GuardsShaft Guards are zero friction protection devices, meaning the guard never touches the working elements of the shock.RPM Shock Shaft Guards are sold in sets of four, including four rod ends for the shocks. Nothing more is needed for installation. A short list of vehicles these guards work with include: SC10, T4, B4, GT2 and most older versions of these vehicles such as the T3, B3, T2, B2, RC10T and RC10. RPM Shock Shaft Guards are stock replacement items.