RPM Skid/Wear Plate Black 3 Piece T/E-Maxx RPM80112


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Bumpers & Skidplates
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Traxxas T-Maxx Classic
Fits Model:
Traxxas E-Maxx
RPM Skid/Wear Plate Black 3 Piece T/E-Maxx RPM80112

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RPM is three steps closer to complete, bulletproof coverage of the T-Maxx & E-Maxx with our three skid / wear plates designed to protect the underside of these powerful monster trucks. RPM designers carefully scrutinized a well-run T-Maxx to see exactly where all of the major abrasion points along the bottom of the truck lie. It's those areas that they concentrated our efforts for maximum protection. RPM skid / wear plates offer more outstanding features than anything else available such;

All skid / wear plates;

Reduced sliding friction along smooth, grooved surfaces.
Recessed screw holes preventing damage to the screw-heads.
A unique, matched groove appearance from the front of the truck all the way to the rear. Outstanding wear resistance from RPM's trademark blend of bulletproof nylons.
Smooth radii in the front and rear to deflect even the most devastating of impacts. Packaged with all necessary mounting screws (heat-treated, flathead hex screws) and instructions.
Pricing at a fraction of the cost of aluminum skid plates.
100% guaranteed against breakage!
Available in black, blue, or purple!

Unique Center Skid Features

Our center skid ties together the chassis braces for added strength and rigidity.
Dirt and debris protection all along the drive-line - no holes for dirt to get through!
We've extended the skid plate forward to protect the disc brake!
Our center skid has been extended from the disc brake back the entire length of the chassis braces blending with our rear skid / wear plate, providing unmatched protection for the entire drive-line!
Competitive performance at intelligent prices. Nothing compares to the value and strength of RPM performance skid / wear plates.

Tech Notes: This RPM center skid plate is not compatible with the stretched chassis & chassis support rails of the E-Maxx TRA3903, or TRA3905; or the T-Maxx 3.3 TRA4908.