Traxxas Ball Differential Kit TRA2520


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Car Parts:
Differential,diff parts
Fits Model:
Traxxas Bandit
Fits Model:
Traxxas Rustler
Fits Model:
Traxxas Stampede
Traxxas Ball Differential Kit TRA2520

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Designed for all out competition, this Pro Ball Diff features dual ball bearings, metal thrust bearing ring and carbide differential balls for the smoothest operation possible. Our patented mechanism allows instant trackside adjustment without disassembly.

Traxxas optional pro ball bearingdifferential includes;

  • One Right output shaft Four Belleville spring washers
  • Two 19mm Diff. ring One Main Diff. shaft
  • Two 5 x 8mm ball bearing One Left output shaft
  • Twelve 3/32 Diff. balls Three 2 x 4mm Cap screws
  • One Thrust washer retainer One Thrust bearing
  • Two Thrust washers One Instruction sheet
  • Two Tube of Diff. ball grease Three Split washers

One 45 tooth Main Diff. gear One 60 tooth Main Diff. gear

Will work for most of the TraxxasR/C Cars and Trucks such as:

  • Bandit
  • Hawk 2
  • Nitro Buggy
  • Nitro Hawk
  • Nitro Street
  • Rad 2
  • Rustler
  • SRT
  • Stampede

Note: Does Not Work In Nitro Stampede, Nitro Rustler Or Nitro Sport

Use: TRA4420