Traxxas Driveshaft Assembly TRA5451X


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Car Parts:
Driveline Components
Fits Model:
Traxxas E-Revo Brushless
Fits Model:
Traxxas E-Revo
Fits Model:
Traxxas E-Maxx
Fits Model:
Traxxas E-Maxx Brushless
Fits Model:
Traxxas T-Maxx 3.3
Fits Model:
Traxxas Revo 3.3
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Traxxas Driveshaft Assembly TRA5451X

More information about Traxxas Driveshaft Assembly TRA5451X

Traxxas driveshaft assembly comes fully assembled. Plastic telescoping driveshaft with steel universals Blue rubber boot shields telescoping sections from dirt Attaches to the differential with one screw pin Works on the front or rear, right or left of vehicle This is the Driveshaft Assembly for the Traxxas Revo 3.3. and T-maxx 3.3...

INCLUDES: Yoke, Screw Pin, Half shaft, U Joint, ; Rubber Boot, Instruction sheet.
Requires: Installing on chassis

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