Traxxas Foam Body Washers T-Maxx (1) TRA4915


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Traxxas Foam Body Washers T-Maxx (1) TRA4915

More information about Traxxas Foam Body Washers T-Maxx (1) TRA4915

This is the Traxxas Foam Body Washer for the T-Maxx (1)

Foam Body Washers for the Traxxas T-Maxx 4WD Radio Control Monster Truck. ; These body washers adhere to the inside of the body over the body mount holes and cushions the body from vibration. ; Replaces damaged or missing body washers.; Adhesive on one side allows easy attachment to body.; Made of shock absorbing foam that helps to prevent splitting of body at mounting holes.

Includes: Ten foam body washers for the Traxxas T-Maxx.

Requires: Peeling off paper backing and attaching at mounting holes on body.

Outer Diameter: 5/8 (16mm)
Inner Diameter: 1/4" (7mm)

Note: May be used on any lexan car body

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